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With the Padagogy Wheel Model, teachers have an at-hand reference that ties apps to specific learning outcomes directly connected to modern pedagogies and theories. They can easily sit with the wheel during lesson planning time to find tools that will best aid their students or use it during class time to extend or deepen learning towards a specific 21st century skill or content area. This connection of theory, practice, and application makes the Padagogy Wheel an invaluable resource that should be on the wall of every classroom”.

Matt HarrisMatt Harris, Ed.D.
Past Chair of ISTE, EdTech Leader and Teacher


Announcing the English V5.0

Apps linked for Apple iOS to Web Previews then to your installed iTunes. For the Android apps are linked to Google Play. With help using the model and the selecting of apps. Please visit the post

Both Apple and Android versions  are Available

Download a PDF for Printing A2 Poster or Download PDF for Screen use. Please visit the announcement post of the language of your choice. PDF versions have all apps linked to either the iTunes App Store or Google Play
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