The Padagogy Wheel Slovenian V5

More Teaching Resources and now for both Apple iOS and Android

We are excited to announce the publishing of the Slovenian Language Version 5.0. The Wheel area is bigger with more choices of action verbs and activities categorized according to the Blooms Cognitive domain categories in the Bloom’s Taxonomy.

PW_SLV_V5.0_Large Whl.001

This connection of theory, practice, and application makes the Padagogy Wheel an invaluable resource that should be on the wall of every classroom”.

“Povezovanje teorije, prakse in aplikacij je Pedagoško kolo napravilo za dragocen vir, ki bi moral viseti na steni vsake učilnice”.

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Use the links below to download the Apple iOS or Android version of the Padagogy Wheel Poster of your choice.

Meet our Slovenian Language Champions


Radovan is Senior Consultant for Computer Science and Informatics at National Educational Institute Slovenia. He used to be a teacher of Informatics at High School and he was involved in various projects related to the use of digital technology in teaching.

He is currently participating in the Innovative Pedagogy project, where he is involved in setting up the teacher e-community and spreading good practice in teaching with digital technology. He is also the (co)author of some online seminars in the field of digital competence development. He lives in Maribor, Slovenia.

If you would like to contact Radovan


Maja is a history teacher at High school for economics and gymnasium Maribor. She was involved in various projects related to the use of digital technology in teaching and learning process in Slovenia and Europe, where she was implementing innovative, reasonable and efficient use of technology with her students and spreading her knowledge and experience to other teachers. She is a (co)author of many workshops and online seminars for teachers. Beside teaching at school, she is currently responsible for teachers training in the Innovative Pedagogy project.

If you would like to contact Maja

Radovan and Maja live in Maribor This is a Slovenian city set amid wine-region hills on the Drava River. On Glavni Trg, the old town’s main square, the Renaissance-style Town Hall (Mariborski rotovž) dates from 1515

The Beginning of the Slovene Version

It was Feb 2018 (a year ago) that the first enquiry arrived about translating the Padagogy Wheel into Slovenian.  Much of the delay has been at the Australian end of the team and sadly unavoidable. However the actual Slovenian Poster has been published now for 3 months – it just hasn’t been publicly available from this blog.  For all the delays we are sorry.  However the timing was very special and a first happened..  It was while the translation was being committed to the final poster template Allan received another email from the University of Ljubljana in Slovenia to give a keynote presentation and workshop at a Symposium they were having in November 2018. The University of Ljubljana invitation was completely separate and they had no idea we were working on the Slovenian translation.  We were thrilled to be able to agree to go to this wonderful country and help Slovenian speaking teachers but that we would also have a Slovenian Version Padagogy Wheel published to use in the workshops..

I asked Radovan share some of their side of the story  “ In the project Inovative Pedagogy we develop an innovative use of digital technology in the classroom. Teachers reported that they need help with planning a lesson where they should integrate digital equipment (mobile phones, tablets and computers). When looking for examples of good practice, we found a Padagogy Wheel on the web and estimated that this tool can be a good starting point for planning lessons. We contacted Allan and then translate the Padagogy Wheel to Slovenian language. It was also a pleasure for us to attend the Allan workshop when visiting Slovenia. With the Padagogy Wheel we will focus on the essence of our profession: think of what kind of students we want and what knowledge they should acquire and apply.  The Padagogy Wheel will help focus teachers on app selection and give them tools to evaluate these apps to achieve the learning outcomes. It is our plan to introduce the Padagogy Wheel to every school in Slovenia.”

What's New on the Padagogy Wheel Slovenian Version 5

  • The Wheel itself is 25% larger in area yet still fits on an A3 or A2 size poster
  • Six Bloom’s categories and double the resources
  • 180+ Action Verbs and 100 Activities giving more choices for establishing outcomes
  • 50% more apps on each Poster
  • Two separate Versions: Apple iOS and Android

Two Different PDF Files for each Version of the Poster

The SLO V5.0 PW Apple Poster: Print (17.8 mb)

This is a larger file to the screen size and designed to print the Poster as an A2 or A3 hard copy poster. Suggest it be laminated.

The SLO V5.0 PW Apple Poster: Screen (1.3 mb)

 Usually just for computer screen use.

PW_SLV_V5.0_Apple Small

The SLO V5.0 PW Android Poster: Print (17 mb)

This is a larger file to the screen size and designed to print the Poster as an A2 or A3 hard copy poster. Suggest it be laminated.

The SLO V5.0 PW Android Poster: Screen (1.6 mb)

 Usually just for computer screen use.

PW_SLV_V5.0_Android Small

The Wheel Road Map

The Padagogy Wheel poster will be available in at least 30 languages by the end of 2019. Seventeen languages are already published. They are  • English • Spanish • German • Chinese • Norwegian • Swedish •˙Hebrew • Arabic • French • Russian • Italian  • Hindi • Gujarati • Tamil.• Czech • Estonian • Slovenian. Added to this, there are three more that will be published in the next three months. They are  • Ukrainian • Dutch.• Portuguese.  A further four languages are committed to translation as soon as possible.  If you are interested in translating the Padagogy Wheel into your heart language, then please read this Translation Method and get in contact.

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