The Padagogy Wheel Swedish V5

More Teaching Resources and now for both Apple iOS and Android

We are excited to announce the publishing of the Padagogy Wheel Poster V5 in the Swedish language. The Wheel area is bigger with more choices of action verbs and activities categorized according to the Bloom’s Cognitive Domain Categories. Also there is now 180+ educational apps for both platforms.


This connection of theory, practice, and application makes the Padagogy Wheel an invaluable resource that should be on the wall of every classroom”.

Denna koppling mellan teori, praktik och tillämpning gör « Padagogy Wheel » till en ovärderlig resurs som ska vara tillgänglig och synlig på väggen i varje klassrum »

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Use the links below to download the Apple iOS or Android version of the Padagogy Wheel Poster of your choice.
All the apps on each Poster are linked
to either the iTunes Preview pages for the Apple iOS version or Google Play for the Android version.

Spectacular scenery, awesome people and the most incredible sandwich in the world...

Welcome to Sweden

W hen Ebba offered to help with the translation and support of the Padagogy Wheel in Swedish it prompted a surge of memories. Our young family were living in Texas as volunteers and with an unexplainable provision of funds all four of us  we able to travel to Europe for an 8 week fact-finding trip to Europe. We arrived in Amsterdam Holland and travelled by coach to Warsaw Polland where our children saw their first snow it was a little weird making snow angels at midnight in the church grounds but hey it was important.  Then by coach again to Riga Latvia and then train to Tallin Estonia. It was the coldest winter in Europe for 10 years but we were having the trip of a lifetime.

We boarded a ferry in Tallin and traveled to Stockholm  We can remember the extremely loud thumping down the side of the ship as we moved through the ice. Again it was a family milestone we look back on with deep gratitude that our trip was not eight months later when this ship became one of the worst maritime disasters of the twentieth century (SS Estonia Sept 1994  852 lives lost )

In Sweden we were to visit Restenas on the west coast so it was another day long train trip,  Here we taught and met some amazing people. Funny which things remain clearly in your memory.  Our Swedish hosts introduced us to the most fantastic sandwich in the world. They call it Smörgåstårta. It is a multi-layered feast which is often made with seafood. … I had died and gone to culinary heaven. Now hopefully we can revisit Sweden and indulge again.

Meet our Swedish Language Champion

Dr. Ebba Ossiannilsson

Ebba is the V President for the Swedish Association for Distance Education, and the V President for the Swedish Association for E-Competence. She is the CEO of Ossiannilsson Quality in Open Online Learning (QOOL) Consultancy and was awarded the EDEN Fellow title in 2014. Ebba became Open Education Europa Fellow in 2015 and since 2016 she has been an ambassador for GLOBE, the Community of digital learning. In 2017 Ebba was nominated to Open Education Europa Ambassador and for the board for Open Education Consortium.

She is a researcher, advisor and consultant within the area of open, online, flexible, and technology enabled teaching and learning (OOFAT) and quality. Since the year 2000, Ebba has worked at Lund University, Sweden, as an e-learning, open online learning expert, and advisor with special focus on quality. She is frequently invited as keynote speaker for international, and national conferences and isa board member in several national and international associations, in the area of open online learning and education. She has conducted several research studies in open online learning, including flexible learning, OERs and MOOCs. Ebba earned her PhD at Oulu University, Finland in 2012 with a dissertation on Benchmarking e-learning in higher education: lessons learned from international projects. Her dissertation has fortunately had a very large outreach and is often cited and has over 200 publications.


Contact Details

Dr. Ebba Ossiannilsson

Twitter @EbbaOssian
Ebba’s Blog: e4qualityinnovationandlearning

What's New in the Swedish Padagogy Wheel V5

  • The Wheel itself is 25% larger in area yet still fits on an A3 or A2 size poster

  • Two separate Versions: Apple iOS and Android

  • Now six Bloom’s categories and double the resources

  • 180+ Action Verbs and over a 100 Activities

  • 50% more apps than V4 Apple iOS with 80 either new or updated – now each version has 188 apps

  • All Apps hot-linked to either iTunes for Apple iOS or Google Play for Android

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The Wheel Road Map

The Padagogy Wheel poster will be available in at least 28 languages by the end of 2017. Fourteen languages are already published. They are • English • Spanish • German • Norwegian • Chinese • Arabic • French • Russian • Czech •˙Hebrew • Hindi • Gujarati • Tamil • Swedish.  Added to this, there are four more that will be published in the next three months. They are • Dutch • Polish.• Portuguese • Indonesian. A further ten languages are committed to translation during the rest of 2017. If you are interested in translating the Padagogy Wheel into your heart language, then please read this Translation Method and get in contact.

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