The Cross Walk … a practicum with a diffference

Carol Freeman PhotI saw the six foot cross as we walked into Carol Freeman’s office. I couldn’t help but comment. As Carol, the Dean of Student Mentoring at Bethany International began to explain how it is used in the teaching and learning at the college, I immediately had flashbacks to 1970 and my Army training in Australia.  What a dynamic practicum and situational learning opportunity.  In the military they call it survival training, where they drop trainees  many many miles form camp with little supplies and told to get back.

Listen to Carol in this episode tell the story how they blindfold students and take them 100 miles from the collage and give them a set of criteria and the cross and they have to get back.  This adds a new dimension to the term “field assignment”  🙂  The life changing results testified by the students after the experience makes a teacher know it is special.

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