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Universidad San Pablo Guatemala

Dr Ricardo Antillon of Universidad San Pablo Guatemala continues in episode two of this three part series on how he lead a transformation of faculty from being traditional “television in front of the class dispensing information” lecturers into passionate guides and facilitators inspiring students to learn. They recognised that knowledge comes form everyone and not just the teacher.

Dr Ricardo Antillon Rector (President) of USP GuatemalaI must confess I was astounded when Ricardo shares the principles and methodologies of Just in Time Teaching (JiTT) without ever hearing about the concept. We discuss the JiTT process and some of the journey I have used at the University of Adelaide. Ricardo describes the empowerment of the average student and the real messages behind grading.

We discuss how tests should measure what a student knows not what he/she does not know then Ricardo shares one of those unforgettable quotes about education … “a student is not epxecting a grade from a test, but a confirmation of his/her knowledge and learning” Traditional testing does not do this.

These principles and methodologies about the student experience are in fact mobilizing engaged learners with a passion for learning and the confidence to go on and become leaders in their world as nation builders, whether it be Australia, USA  or Guatemala.

Please listen carefully to the principles Ricardo is describing.

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