Collaborative Learning … What No Lectures!

Team Based Learning: Group Work that Works from UT Austin CTL on Vimeo.
Paul Gagnon PhotoPaul Gagnon is the Director of eLearning of the new Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine at the Nanyang Technological University in Singapore.  In this podcast episode Paul talks about their innovative approach to medical education, based on the concepts of Team Based Learning  which is gaining traction around the world, especially in Medical Science education. However Lee Kong Chian is taking it to the next level.  They are moving away from the paper based approach and going mobile. It is exciting to see how they will be using LAMS and iPads to connect with the students, engage them and sustain that engagement.  They are calling it Collaborative Learning and believe it will address the challenge that medical students need to have mastered the fundamental foundational body of knowledge and that the teachers must be confident that they know what the students know, as well as what they don’t know. Paul shares how TBL has an advantage in this over Problem Based Learning.  Others in the Medical Education marketplace are very positive about what Lee Kong Chian is doing with technologically enhanced learning and how they are planning to immerse the students in the learning process.

Please listen to the audioboo interview and should you have further questions about TBL there is a great web resource at the Team Based Learning Collaborative.    Two of the really interesting things about the video above, from the University of Texas, is that it shows TBL is useful across faculties and it also helps improve engagement and learning  in large classes.  Any HE teacher with big classes should think seriously about this.


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