A Vision for Guatemala

The above video is in Spanish but you can see the passion.

From 18,000 students to 119 now eleven months later 452 …. quite a career move.  Dr Ricardo Antillon now Rector (President) of Universidad San Pablo Guatemala explains why he gave up his leadership of a strong and growing university in Honduras to take leadership in a small university.  It is all about building the Nation of Guatemala …. his Guatemala!

Dr Ricardo Antillon Rector (President) of USP GuatemalaRicardo’s vision is clear … to make a difference, to help transform students into what they need to be to lead their nation. He restates more than once “if you are not building passion in students to learn you are wasting your time”. He shares how his faculty are passionate teachers serving the students and graduating students testify how they experience transformation in their life at university.

He uses another one of those memorable one liners: “Education is not about leaving them with knowledge or facts but transforming them as people to be all they can be.” Ricardo shares what a graduate should “look like” their values and attributes.  How students can become nation builders.

We then talk about how technology will help in this learning process. …. its all about the empowering of interaction. They are planning eight campuses across the country using a blended model, connected by technology using a blended approach.

These episodes are living proof we are more alike than we are different in higher education. We will continue the conversation.

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