iPads in Education

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And Now Padagogy

Wow, pedagogy for iPads. When I thought of that word I immediately registered the domains. I saw the possibilities and it is quickly becoming an often-used word and accepted concept. Ian Green and I were already planning iPad workshops when the Faculty of Science Initiative went public in 2010. The “Padagogy 101 & 201: iPads in HE” workshops were suddenly a lot more important that we thought, and needed to address a more strategic need. As ADE’s we have the ear of Apple and it has helped us continually borrow iPads from them for use in the workshops (20-40 at a time). We have introduced over 300 staff and students to learning and teaching on these iconic devices, here at Adelaide and now as a roadshow for such universities as QUT, UQ and ACU in Brisbane. But wait there’s more – we have interest from universities in Sydney, Christchurch and Hong Kong.

Roseworthy campusThe University is on the cutting edge and we are helping them stay there. We are teaching a wide spectrum of staff and students. The sort of “buzz” about these cool learning tools can be seen in the faces of the Vet Science students at the Roseworthy Campus – it is such a joy to show them the possibilities.

We know these “Padagogy” workshops are successful, when we get this sort of feedback. eg, 50% of the workshop audience, which were faculty of ACU, gave us 10 out of 10, and another 32% 8-9 out of ten, and we get comments like:

“Well presented, excellent ideas for HE, demonstrated experiences with idevices and knowledge of web 2.0 education for teaching and learning.”

The Faculty of Science’s giving of iPads to their first year students created a lot of interest. Radio Adelaide did a radio interview where Ian Green and I were asked about iPads and their effect on learning and teaching at the University of Adelaide.
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