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Pharmacology and the Final Word from the students of Oral Health

Wait….but there’s more! I introduced Dr Abdallah Salem of Pharmacology to this JiTT/Articulate model when he received a L&T Implementation grant in 2009-10 to use Articulate to integrate functionalities available within MyUni. The aim was to develop online workshop assessment materials which were both formative and summative online assessment. Abdallah reported there were quite a few positive comments about the Articulate modules when students were asked the open ended question, “What was the best aspects of the course”.

However, the final word on JiTT and ILMs is from the students. We have now shifted the emphasis from teacher centric to student centric and we are calling the pedagogy Effective Pre Lecture Engagement (EPLE). Please hear the students themselves talk about how much they appreciate ILMs. How they consolidate the knowledge with Checkpoints (short frequent formative quizzes) and they reinforce the key concepts. Another says they build self-confidence and they want the majority of their lectures as ILMs.  A great final comment from the student is – “they work for me”.

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Allan Carrington has been awarded the 2012 Office of Learning and Teaching (OLT) Australian Citation for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning.  His citation read: “For sustained commitment to inspiring, challenging and mentoring academics to teach with activity-centric pedagogies and the latest learning technologies, to enrich the student experience.” He is also winner of the 2011 University of Adelaide Award for Excellence in Support of the Student Experience. This website was developed to support these applications and is now his ePortfolio.
Since 2003 Allan has been a Learning Designer with the eLearning Development Team supporting the university faculty.