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Then came Podagogy and Podcasting

I couldn’t help but be excited about Diana Oblinger’s invitation to travel to the huge EDUCAUSE conference in the USA in 2005 and be part of the first podcasting team. Would you believe someone was paying me to go to Orlando Florida and walk the conference halls talking to innovative people, from all over the world, about their exemplar practice in elearning … someone has to do it I guess.  An unexpected and exciting outcome of this trip to EDUCAUSE was the development of a new model of educational podcasting. The aim of this model is to publish podcasts of the insights and experiences of participants at the conference. These podcasts will provide a valuable resource for further conference promotion and for use as learning objects.
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I also met Assistant Prof Randy Meredith from Spring Arbor University (that’s us on the floor). Randy was the inventor of the word “Podagogy” (pedagogy on iPods) and who had developed a pedagogical model for educational podcasting. We have jointly presented on this subject.

This passion for podcasting was a driver to lead podcasting programs to capture the knowledge and wisdom of Australian educational conferences in 2006 through 2011.
In 2007, I teamed up with Dr. Ian Green from the School of Education and we have talked to hundreds of academics from around the world about their research their teaching and their student outcomes. All the time representing the University of Adelaide and developing networks. The highlight was podcasting Macworld USA for three successive years for the Apple University Consortium. (AUC)

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Allan Carrington has been awarded the 2012 Office of Learning and Teaching (OLT) Australian Citation for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning.  His citation read: “For sustained commitment to inspiring, challenging and mentoring academics to teach with activity-centric pedagogies and the latest learning technologies, to enrich the student experience.” He is also winner of the 2011 University of Adelaide Award for Excellence in Support of the Student Experience. This website was developed to support these applications and is now his ePortfolio.
Since 2003 Allan has been a Learning Designer with the eLearning Development Team supporting the university faculty.