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The Interactive Learning Modules "Bug"

About the same time Sophie and Cathy were pioneering ILMs, Professor. Holger Maier was in our online team office as we were working on the Mekong eSim. I shared the JiTT concepts and introduced him to Articulate software and explained how it works. Holger went back to his office and purchased the software the same day, then worked night and day to build 25 ILMs. He pulled all the content out of his course and re-packaged in it this way and turned his course into Problem Based Learning (PBL).

I really didn’t appreciate the impact these events have had on ECMS until it was recently highlighted to me by Mark Jaksa.. I introduced Prof Holger Maier – the University of Adelaide’s most celebrated teacher – to both JiTT and Articulate. Holger then introduced this pedagogy and tool to his colleagues Mark being one of them, as well as to the academic staff of the Faculty of ECMS. Mark continues with his earlier theme of a “plutonium atom” Will I ever live that down? My wife is calling me "Pluto"!
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"In terms of a nuclear reaction leading to systemic change, let me give you an example.  Allan introduced Prof Holger Maier - the University of Adelaide's most celebrated teacher - to both Just-in-Time Teaching (JiTT) and the development and use of Flash-based, online multimedia tools, such as Articulate.  Holger then introduced this pedagogy and tool to his colleagues, myself being one of them, as well as to the academic staff of the Faculty of ECMS.  From both Allan and Holger, I, too, have 'seen the light', which has encouraged me to incorporate both of these aspects in my teaching and courses. Some pilot work, which I undertook last year, resulted in very positive feedback from the student body, where more than 80% of the students felt that the Articulate-based modules improved their learning". 

Mark Jaksa

In early July, 2011 Mark was advised that he and some like-minded colleagues from around Australia have received a $199,000 ALTC grant to develop this JiTT/Articulate-based concept to effect systemic change in soil engineering laboratory classes in Australia and globally.  I am part of the team to help them ensure that they deliver quality outcomes.

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Allan Carrington has been awarded the 2012 Office of Learning and Teaching (OLT) Australian Citation for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning.  His citation read: “For sustained commitment to inspiring, challenging and mentoring academics to teach with activity-centric pedagogies and the latest learning technologies, to enrich the student experience.” He is also winner of the 2011 University of Adelaide Award for Excellence in Support of the Student Experience. This website was developed to support these applications and is now his ePortfolio.
Since 2003 Allan has been a Learning Designer with the eLearning Development Team supporting the university faculty.