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What Does a Xxxxxx Graduate Look Like?

representation of valuesI have been challenging academics with that question for many years. The Xxxxxx part is their discipline e.g. What does a Perioperative Nursing Graduate look like?  It is all about defining excellence in students who complete a program or discipline. It is about the difference between good and excellent not between good and unacceptable.  “What do you mean?” is the usual response.  I am talking about values and skill sets, about who graduates are and what they believe to be the drivers of life. What they value and how they will make a difference and impact their world.

I am about to leave on a three week tour of mainland USA to ask Christian universities and colleges how they map their values (graduate attributes) to their programs and courses.  I have chosen Christian educational institutions as they have a mandate as part of the foundational beliefs to “make disciples” the Bible calls it.  To shape their students to “be”, live and work, modelling the life of Christ.  A big ask and I am particularly interested in how they use elearning methods and technologies and whether they believe the new pedagogies and technologies support their graduate attributes.

Some links from the Podcast episode and Online Resources to think About: Richard Morris, a mate and colleague is travelling with me for a large part of the trip.  Richard is director of Missions Aviation Fellowship Learning Technologies or MAFLT which has as its focus learning and teaching support in the Majority World. Richard’s perspective will be very valuable to ensure the focus is Global and will help students who not only come from what used to be called the “developing countries” to learn in such countries as the USA and Australia but help them make a difference to their world … the Majority World

Finally Universities in Australia have been defining and working with graduate attributes for some years and Murdoch University in Western Australia has even a software program to help them map their attributes to their programs.

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